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On June 22, 2017, Call 1-866-828-4162 and Urge Your Senators to Vote No on the AHCA.

2017 Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans State Convention

The Nevada Alliance's 9th Biennial State Convention will be held Monday, August 21 and Tuesday, August 22.
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Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans (NARA)Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans (NARA) shared Rep. Jacky Rosen's post.Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 7:55am
Inês Isabel When will you be holding an in-person town hall meeting?
James Balderrama Rep. Jacky Rosen How does it feel to put criminal illegal immigrants in front of Americans? Besides fear mongering and blaming republicans, what's your plan to 'fix' 0bamacare? Why aren't you fighting to reduce spending and taxes? Why are you focusing on running for the senate when you have zero accomplishments in the house?
Charles Forbin I would like to see Medicare for All put to a vote. Right now. Quit stalling.
Jenny Best Why aren't you having an in person town hall? I want to see your face when you tell me why you aren't helping move healthcare reform along with the GOP.
Lynn Malkin Armanino For the life of me, I don't understand why Sanctuary Cities are even being discussed. How can you justify protecting criminals who are here illegally from deportation. I understand President Trump is not trying to make police enforce immigration laws but rather he's asking them to not block what ICE is doing to help. ICE is following a law already on the books so how can you argue against it unless you do not support American citizens? My next question is how can Nevadans take your run for the Senate serious when you've only been n the Congress for six months? I applaud that you were president of the Congregation Ner Tamid synagogue but I don't find anything else in your background that qualifies you to run for the Senate and that experience alone does not qualify anyone for the Senate. Have you owned a business? Why do you think you are qualified to serve in the Senate with any credibility? Lastly, a bill to encourage women to study computer science? Really? A bill? Shouldn't all children be encouraged to get involved in the technological industry and modify their career focus for tomorrow's market? Wouldn't promoting technological schools be a better use of your time. At least you'd be helping those who need career training. I care about the country and our youth, not reverse sexism. I'd like to see elected officials do what's best for the country and not jump on bandwagons tailored to their upcoming elections.
Barbara Peebles Your ideas are just promoting more of the unrealistic dumbocrat views.
Jean Huch-Baker The Harry Reid machine is backing you. Mr. Reid retired one step ahead of the Ethic Committee's coming after him. Why should I vote for someone whose major sponsor is as corrupt as Reid?
Doug Meyer I want an immigration system that serves the national interest. Chain migration harms our national interest because it allows in extended family members without regard to their skills or financial security. It drives down wages, particularly for our most needy citizens. I'd like you to commit to ending chain migration this year.
Vincent Medina Why haven't either of you come out in sponsorship of universal healthcare. Only Dina in that front? Is that what your district wants?
Louise Ruck Why do you support sanctuary cities? I don't want Las Vegas to be a sanctuary city. I want you to obey the laws we already have.
Michael Martin Shea What are you going to do about the 11% of Nevadans who still don't have access to health insurance? Do you think healthcare is a right or a privilege? If it's a right, why don't you support HR676 to guarantee coverage to all Americans?
Brandon Killian Monson What are we doing about exclusionary zoning? We need more multi-family inclusionary zoning in the top school districts. Here is a great example Thank you both for your hard work and dedication.
Carolyn Molina #ASKJACKY Rep Rosen, Thank you for Your Time. Obviously Healthcare is a huge concern for most Citizens, as someone who has lived here for 20 years, Nevada has always been one of the highest cost Health Insurance States, especially prior to ACA. I'm for a single Payer system personally and hope that All Democrats and Other Parties not only Fight for it but have a basic plan to layout, but until then, I'd like to discuss the mass cuts to Medicaid and Any cuts to Social Security, SSDI& Medicare! I'm 51 on Disability, I'd wish I could work, I made good money and had great insurance, now I 1/4 of what I made and Medicare to get specialists I need is costly, and Part D is a plain Mess! You have Seniors most living
Carolyn Molina On very minimum finances, Disabled will be the first cut, how are they going to survive, if our Benifits are cut, but Medicare pays less, and the Pharmacitical companies are allowed to, excuse me, but legally rape All Americans, what do you, Specifically going to do, with your counter parts to save our funding or make up lost funding that between Children and disabled waiting the 2 years before Medicare is available to them, can only hope to qualify for Medicaid, as well as Seniors and the Disabled having to take cuts but have higher costs?
Daniel Burnett Focus on getting Russia out of our government on both sides. Trump&Co need to go and you shouldn't be working with him and denouncing Republicans that do. This is the most serious attack on our country in our history. Can you not understand the intelligence in these hearings?
Nevada for Healthcare-NOW We'd like to #askjacky #askkihuen: 1. Yes or no: Is healthcare a human right? 2. How is it possible to reconcile a right to healthcare with protecting a falsely inflated for-profit health insurance market? 3. 80% of registered Democrats support Medicare for All and 60% of House Democrats have seen fit to co-sponsor HR 676. Why has neither representative endorsed the bill? 4. Why didn't either representative make public statements encouraging Governor Sandoval to sign the statewide Medicaid buy-in? 5. Does either representative agree that leaving 10% of Americans without health insurance is a damning statistic for the all-payer system known as Obamacare? Please explain. 6. Does either representative agree that every other advanced economy has taken the welfare of its citizens more seriously than America by providing fully realized forms of universal healthcare, most notably single-payer? Please explain.
Cindy Roragen On July 18, House Appropriations voted to slaughter wild horses. There is no situation where slaughter is humane, a solution to a problem or plain good business. How will you vote if/when this issue comes to the Floor?
Chantal Georis Melendrez I don't understand how to participate in this call. I'm a big fan of you, Jacky Rosen! Heard you at March for Science.