December 15, 2015

Nevada Congressional Delegation Graded on Retiree Votes

Sen. Heller, Reps. Amodei and Heck Earn “Failing” Scores

The Alliance for Retired Americans just released a new report detailing the voting record of every Nevada Representative and Senator on key issues affecting current and future retirees. The Nevada delegation’s grades are available at, and the full voting record and explanation of votes is at

The Alliance voting record examined 10 key Senate votes and 10 key House votes in 2013, showing the roll calls on issues such as:
·    raising the retirement age and fast-track cuts to Social Security;
·    privatizing Medicare; whether to turn Medicaid into a block grant system;
·    limiting voters’ rights by implementing photo identification requirements;
·    capping medical malpractice awards; and
·    repealing the Affordable Care Act, retracting numerous improvements for seniors and Medicare beneficiaries in terms of coverage and benefits.

“Unfortunately, last year marked an unproductive year in Congress. Enacting just 55 substantive pieces of legislation, many in Congress continued their attacks on our most successful American programs – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid,” said Jo Etta Brown, the Treasurer of the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans and Executive Vice President of the national Alliance.

Scott Watts, President of the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans said, “Retirees in Nevada are disappointed with members of our Congressional delegation who repeatedly use their votes to further the interests of large corporations instead of Nevada retirees and working families. For example, Rep. Amodei has time and again voted in favor of policies that undermine retirement security in our state. He has a lifetime score of 0% from the Alliance and in 2013 cast votes to increase out of pocket costs health costs, and cut funding for numerous programs that benefit seniors. Politicians like Rep. Amodei are betraying our state’s retirees in order to protect giant corporations and the super wealthy from paying their fair share.”

“Fortunately, our state is also home to leaders with the courage to stand up and fight every day for the workers and retirees of Nevada. The Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans recognizes Senator Harry Reid along with Representatives Steven Horsford and Dina Titus for their outstanding leadership. All three have lifetime scores of 95% or higher from the Alliance and received high marks in 2013 for opposing the privatization of Medicare and  working to stop painful cuts to programs that benefit seniors. They are consistently fighting to ensure a secure and dignified retirement for all of the current and future retirees in our state.”

“This Voting Record reflects how committed our elected representatives are to retirees and older Americans. We will use this record to educate our fellow citizens and empower them to make the best decisions for them, their families and communities in 2014 and beyond. It’s not just about current retirees; it’s about the future of retirement for Nevadans and Americans.”

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